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Superior Performance & Ultra-Fast Charging

With our advanced lithium rechargeable technology, Pale Blue batteries charge 5x faster than conventional Ni-MH rechargeables. Most rechargeables, historically, were NiMh chemistry. They recharge very slow and have a hard time keeping up with any high use applications. NiMh batteries will also discharge when not in use. Pale Blue’s chemistry and smart circuitry resolves these issues.

Ditch Disposable Batteries

Don’t throw away cash with disposable batteries. A single Pale Blue rechargeable will replace 1000+ alkaline disposables! Every battery you buy needs to be produced, shipped, stored, sold and disposed of. We believe this is a huge waste of the world’s resources and creates unnecessary waste and carbon footprint. By using one Pale Blue, you can displace the need for 1000 batteries. This will save a lot of resources, and will also save you a lot of money over time.

We realized that advances in technology could enable a better way for customers to meet their battery needs without creating unnecessary waste.

We are on a journey to catalyze an important and long overdue change. Based in Park City, Utah surrounded by amazing aspen grove covered mountains and cold snow-fed rivers. We are driven in our work and by our exploration of these wild places to help protect and conserve the wild, the land, the water.

Better Batteries

The advent of the ‘lithium ion age’ and the advancement of battery management technologies make for high performing, convenient, reliable and user friendly rechargeable batteries. We believe that improvements in all these areas are enough to convert a lot of single battery users to finally make the step to ditch disposables.


Through Pale Blue’s products, we can prevent the use and waste of a lot of resources going into single use batteries and also have found ways to channel the fruits of our business by partnering with organizations such as 1% for the Planet and Protect Our Winters. We will always and continually look for ways to stretch ourselves for impact beyond just the impact of moving the market past single use products.


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