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Hyperice Venom Leg – Black

The Venom Leg is made for recovery on-the-go. Walk, bend, and stretch with it on, or sit back and relax. Wherever you go, the Venom Leg will be there to heal you along the way. Digital touch screen to control three distinct vibration patterns — wave, pulse and constant as well as three heat settings and a timer. Venom leg helps decrease joint stiffness and relax muscles. The combination of heat and vibration helps to warm, loosen, and relax stiff muscles.

– Weight: 0,90kg
– Vibration: 3 levels of vibration
– Battery life: 3 hours
– Nanotechnology heat: Level 1, (55C) / Level 2, (63C) / Level 3, (72C)
– Digital touch screen: Allows you to customize the temperature, vibration pattern, and time
– TSA approved: Approved by TSA for carry-on


What’s included?
– Venom Leg wrap: The wrap for your leg
– Venom Leg pod: The device for heat and vibration
– Power supply: To keep your device charged and ready to go
– Additional plug adapters (2): To charge your device no matter where you are



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